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We stock your car keys, fobs and remotes

Do you have only one key for your vehicle? Need extras for the family vehicle? Don’t wait! Duplicate! We can duplicate regular vehicle keys, transponder keys, remotes, key fobs, proximity remotes and remote head transponder keys and most are in stock now!

Ford remote

Don’t see your key or remote above?
Come to our shop to see our full stock. Give us a call for a quote on a spare key for your vehicle. The Key Crew 619-209-3554

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New Items

We just received new items: Space Keys! UFOs and Aliens! Lightsaber Keys, all in Kwikset and Schlage. Aluminum keys in new colors!

New keychains! Your house key can be duplicated on these! Have a look below…

The Key Crew - New Items

Don’t wait! Duplicate! Give us a call with questions.

The Key Crew 619-209-3554

Space Keys, Star Wars Keys

The Key Crew

We have YOUR color! Aluminum house keys!

We have your color! These keys are made of aluminum and so are very light. They come in nine different colors and most house keys can be duplicated onto these. Kwikset and Schlage. Don’t wait! Duplicate! Have a look below…


Then come in to our shop to see the HUNDREDS of other key styles we carry.

Give us a call with any questions. The Key Crew 619-209-3554


The Key Crew 2015

The Key Crew

Eternity Keys® for Lexus

Has your Lexus remote head key snapped or broken? This turns out to be a very common issue with these fobs. We can replace your shell and duplicate your key blade, and offer two options:

  1. we can use a Lexus factory shell, which has this same inherent flaw (risking it breaking again). or
  2. for a little more we could replace your shell with the ‘Eternity Key®’, a product developed by a Lexus driver who became frustrated with having to continuously replace the shell to his Lexus key fob. The Eternity Key® is produced with military grade material and is so reliable it comes with a lifetime warranty! Lexus dealerships themselves were so impressed with this key shell that they also purchase and recommend them. Watch this video illustrating the strength of the Eternity Key®.

We stock the Eternity Key® and are ready to help you overcome your frustrations once and for all. We also make duplicate fobs, transponder keys and surfer keys for all Lexus years and models. Call us for more information! 619-209-3554.


* ETERNITY KEY is a division of iLine, LLC located in Northern California. Eternity Key is a patent pending and trademarked device created by iLine’s CEO and Founder, Joseph Mendoza. Here is their website: Eternity Key.

The Key Crew

KeySafes™ are convenient and safe

We carry two styles of ‘mini’ Kidde Access Point™ KeySafes™. One style hangs from a door handle, while the other can be permanently attached, with screws, to a location of your choosing. Spare key storage made easy and safe! “Enjoy your freedom from inconvenient and expensive lock-outs, key duplication and distribution, and rekeying locks.”

Both feature:

  • Combination key case storage of up to two or three keys.
  • After-school access for kids who sometimes lose keys.
  • Temporary access can be given safely to plumbers, tenants or maids etc.
  • Easy-to-use push-button combination with over 1,000 personalized combos to choose from.


As always you can call us with any questions: 619-209-3554. Call now!


The Key Crew

Blowout Sale on Fancy Keys!

We have 12 styles of Fancy Keys on a super special sale! Come and have a look, to choose your favourite. While you’re here ask us about some duplicates of your car keys, before you lose your last. Don’t wait! Duplicate!

As always you can call us with any questions you may have. 619-209-3554 Call now!

Blowout on Fancy keys

The Key Crew 619-209-3554

The Key Crew

Flip Guard Increases Home Security

Here is a simple and inexpensive solution for increasing security for your home. ‘Flip Guard’ (by Ultimate Lock System) installs in a few minutes with only a standard screwdriver. The latch then flips over the thumb knob inside your door, making it impossible for anything to turn the knob from the outside, even if they had the correct key! ‘Bump keys’ cannot undermine a lock that will not turn.

Come to our shop to see The Flip Guard first hand and select the finish you feel looks best for your home. As always you could call with any questions about this item, or any other security concerns you might have.

The Key Crew: 619-209-3554