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Fast Car Locked Out Service Available Now

There are several reasons you get locked out of your car, such as losing your keys or having your locks malfunction. Unfortunately, no matter why you find yourself locked out of your vehicle, it's not just you; it happens to thousands of people every day. Fortunately, The Key Crew has the skills and equipment to help you get back into your car quickly. If you need a replacement key fob, we have all the tools to cut and program keys on the spot.  Moreover, just in case your old keys end up in the wrong hands, modern cars offer us the option of reprograming your new key fob to ensure that it is the only key that will unlock your vehicle. Count on our team to assist you quickly when you can't get into your car, so get on with your day.

Door Unlocking Locksmith Near Me

Once you find yourself locked out of your car, home or business, you need a reliable mobile locksmith right away. Locking yourself out is one of the most frustrating experiences.  You wander around like a thief trying to find an open window or a way to unlock the door. Everyone is watching and is under the impression you are a burglar, not realizing, of course, that it is your property.

First of all, do not try to pry your door open or try to force the lock with some metal objects. Doing this will only end up damaging the lock.  Second, if you lose or misplace your key, you don't have to resort to smashing glass or causing damage to your door. Thirdly, a considerable lockout concern lies in being left stranded.  The danger is more significant at night or when you are in an isolated area.

We Provide Emergency Locked Out Car, Home & Business Services

Whether you get locked out of your car, home or business, The Key Crew emergency locksmith can quickly unlock and open the door for you. The benefit of calling our mobile locksmith service is that we can meet you anytime, 7 days a week. No matter what type of lock you have, our experienced locksmiths carry all the tools necessary for any job, including broken locks, make a spare key, or reprogramming more complex systems. Our goal is to get you back inside quickly and safely.

Locked Out of Home Locksmith Near Me

We can help with your home lockout problem regardless of where the key is, whether it's inside the house, lost, or damaged.  Our goal is to quickly assess your situation to provide you with the fastest and most affordable locked-out solution. Then, trust our experienced locksmiths to promptly get you back in your home without causing any damage. It does not matter what kind of lock you have. The Key Crew technicians have all the tools needed for any job, including broken locks or reprogramming keyless door locks. Also, as a bonus, we can fabricate you a new key on the spot so you’ll have an extra spare.

Trust The Locksmith AAA Has Contracted Since 2004

3 awards given to The Key Crew for over 15 years of locksmith services in San Diego from Automobile Club of Southern California, AAA.

Your car, home, and office codes need to be secure with a locksmith you trust. Since 2004, we have worked with AAA since 2004, contract station AAA 496. All our technicians are licensed, fingerprinted on a state and federal level, and vetted through AAA’s extensive background checks. We are the only San Diego Locksmith who can make that claim. So trust The Key Crew to take care of all your locked out automotive situations. Each team member is fully committed to customer satisfaction and goes the extra mile to make sure you are satisfied with our services.

You know that when you call The Key Crew:

  • Your information is secure and confidential
  • We are fully insured and bonded
  • Our company only uses top-quality products
  • Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority