What IS a locksmith?

As long as people have owned property and sought to secure their belongings there has been a need for locking systems and mechanisms and hence, locksmiths. A locksmith works with these mechanisms. Almost every entry way, door or portal now has a lock of some sort within to control access.


KathmanduHere is a medieval padlock at a Hindu temple in Kathmandu, Nepal (source: Wikipedia)

There are many specialties within the locksmith trade. Our specialty is automotive: car keys, ignition issues and the like. There are locksmiths who work primarily on safes, while other locksmiths work with large commercial projects and access control for buildings.

The basic functionality of all locks is primarily the same, and are made up of similar components. These components are: the plug or tumbler which is the part that turns with the key, the cylinder, the part that the plug turns within, and the housing that houses or holds these two parts. For residential applications the housing can be the knob or lever. For automotive door locks the housing can be the handle assembly that the lock is in. Most residential and commercial locks are pin tumbler locks where as most automotive locks are wafer tumbler locks. As an example, here is an exploded view of a padlock.


exploded lock



Locksmiths offer the following types of services:

  • Vehicle and home lockouts
  • Replacement of vehicle, home and office keys.
  • Key duplication, including transponders and smart keys
  • Lock re-keying (changing lock combinations)
  • Installation of locks, deadbolts and vehicle ignitions
  • Replacement of locks, deadbolts and ignitions.
  • Replacement of vehicle remotes, and remote batteries.


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