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We are your local friendly neighbor locksmith you can call on to help with all of your residential locksmith needs. Our specialties are lockouts, rekeying, lock repairs, replacing locks, and installing/programming digital locks. We have been helping homeowners, renters, and landlords maximize security for all of their residential lock and key needs since 1998.

We can come to your location, or you can come to us. Contact us today!

Home Lockout Services in San Diego, CA

There are many reasons you may find yourself locked out of your home.  

  • A faulty door lock
  • Key broke in the lock
  • Damaged hardware
  • Misplaced, stolen, or lost keys

Whatever the reason, you're suddenly stuck, and you need a residential locksmith who can help fast. Trust  The Key Crew to get you back in your home promptly. Our friendly technicians will quickly unlock and open your door. No matter what type of lock you have, our home lock experts carry all the tools necessary to get you back inside promptly. Also, as a bonus, we can fabricate you a new key on the spot so you’ll have a spare. Request a free quote!

Lock Repair and Lock Replacement Locksmith Near Me

If your residential locks need repairing or replacement, the Key Crew mobile locksmiths quickly come to you. Many factors from old, damage, or weather can cause a residential lock to stop working. But, no matter the reason, when the lock stops functioning, your home becomes a security risk. Moreover, it is just a matter of time before the lock fails and you’re stuck in a lockout situation.   Occasionally, the lock will need replacement, but our professional locksmiths can usually fix whatever is causing it to malfunction. Contact The Key Crew today for a free quote.

Emergency Re-Key Lock Services For Your Home

There are several reasons why you may need to rekey your residence.  The first and most important is that It is also a must-do when moving into a new home. You do not want the previous tenants to have any access to your property. It's also a good option if you don't want to have various keys to open different locks. Having a single key that opens all your locks is so much more convenient. Last but not least, for security purposes. Whatever the reason, we are here to help, so give The Key Crew a call. Our residential locksmiths will quickly re-key your locks for you. Call us today!  

Mailbox Lock Replacement & Repair Services

Regardless of the size or shape of the mailbox, our locksmiths are extensively trained to handle all mailbox lock services on all types of residential mailboxes.

Unfortunately, your mailbox lock may become compromised over time due to repeated use, natural wear and tear, or break-in attempts, making it vulnerable to crimes such as identity theft and mail fraud. That is why the sooner your worn-out lock is repaired or replaced, the safer your mail will be. 

Moreover, a mailbox lockout can happen at any time. Because of this, we provide mailbox key replacement services seven days a week. One of our trained residential locksmiths will quickly assess your mailbox lock problem and recommend the most suitable solution for you. Request a quote.

We’re Your Local Full-Service Residential Locksmith

With over 20 years of experience, The Key Crew residential technicians work with all types of household locks, including:



Alarm Lock

 We have the proper tools, replacement locks, and equipment needed to get the job done right. So whether you are rekeying your home, replacing your locks, or repairing your existing ones,  when you work with us, we will ensure your home locks will once again be in proper working order, keeping you and your household safe. Request a FREE quote today.

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