Residential Locksmith

After a rough day at the office—angry clients, mountains of paperwork, a relentlessly full inbox—you look forward to the solace found within the walls of your humble abode. You get into your car and put on your favorite tunes, thinking only of the comfortable pajamas and uncorked bottle of wine that await you. You approach your door and slide the key in… but the key breaks in the lock. Just last weekend you got the window locks fixed and there’s no way to get the broken key out of the door. You sit on the front stoop, fumbling for your phone. All the comforts of the world are so close but so out of reach.

That’s where The Key Crew comes in. We are the leading home locksmith in San Diego County. Our residential locksmith services include:


  • Rekeying locks and deadbolts
  • Installing and replacing door closers, locks, and exit/entry devices
  • Replacing broken and worn-out keys
  • Getting you into your home when you’re locked out

Our residential locksmith services come with affordable rates and our dispatchers are ready 7 days a week to take your call and get you the help you need. After providing residential locksmith services since 1998, our professional technicians have the experience and extensive knowledge to take care of all your lock and key needs.

Trusted by the AAA as an auto, commercial, and residential locksmith year after year, we understand that there’s no place like home and being locked out of it is awful. Whether you need help with a lost or broken key or need to replace locks and keys to your home for security purposes, please contact us any time at 619-209-3554.

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