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You spend all day walking along the boardwalk, people watching, window shopping, and enjoying the sunshine. You meet up with your close buds and get ready for a night of responsible drinking and camaraderie at your favorite spots—Bar West, Johnny V’s, Tavern. After some post-fun Mexican food and goodbyes, it’s time to call it a night. But when you get to the car, something is missing. You fish through your other pockets, but they are empty. Your keys could be anywhere. After searching with no luck, you need to call a Pacific Beach locksmith. Make it The Key Crew.

The Key Crew offers affordable rates 7 days a week. We are a full-service locksmith in Pacific Beach, CA, so whether you need a car, home, or business locksmith, we’re here to help. No matter how late or early it is, our dispatchers are ready to take your call and send technicians to your location.


We offer locksmith services for many makes and models, from Toyota to Jaguar. We provide key duplicates, replacements, and repairs—and yes, smart keys too. Whether you need a chip key made or need to get a stuck key out of the ignition, we’re the Pacific Beach locksmith that can help.


Whether you need new locks and keys for your home, a replacement for a broken lock or key, or assistance after locking yourself out, The Key Crew is a leading locksmith in Pacific Beach that can help you out of trouble with affordable rates and reliable service.


Need to replace the locks and keys of your workplace? Looking to simplify access control for your employees? The Key Crew is a commercial locksmith in Pacific Beach, CA ready to help with your key and lock needs.

Did you know that we’re also contracted with AAA? That means we offer emergency locksmith services to AAA members, but you don’t need to be a member of the AAA to receive our superior customer service. Contact us for help from the best locksmith in Pacific Beach, CA.

Oh Hey!

We can also make ‘Surfer Keys, a non-electronic version of your smart or transponder keys that can get wet and still unlock your vehicle with, (to retrieve your full set).

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