San Diego Summer Fun and Surfer’s Keys

In San Diego we’re afforded incredible summers with plenty of time to spend at the beaches, to swim or surf. As we approach the long warm days, here is something to consider. Keeping your vehicle keys safe while surfing and swimming can become an issue with so much water and sand around. Does your vehicle have an electronic key, a smart key or a key with a chip in it? Do you typically unlock your car with a remote? None of these units should get wet and would malfunction if they did. If you had a mechanical copy of this key, you could swim and surf with it in your pocket. Why not give us a call to discuss some options?


ToyFobSX217urfer’s Keys: A simple mechanical version of your car key that can get wet while you surf and will simply unlock your car to retrieve your full set. The images at left show a Toyota key with fob and transponder which cannot go swimming with you. To the right of that, a mechanical Surfer’s Key, which can get wet, and costs only $3.50 plus tax. (for this vehicle).





Key Hiding Products: We carry several options for stashing your keys in a protected container under your vehicle or in a spot only you know about. There are several styles and sizes available. Come to our store and have a look. We also have many other key related products.